As we travel through life, we occupy many roles. We strive to be the best that we can be in all of the roles that we choose for ourselves. Sometimes we realize that we are not living our lives in ways that are loving, satisfying, productive, or energizing. We may find ourselves depressed, angry, anxious, frustrated, or confused about how to change or improve our lives. We feel “stuck.” Those feelings affect our relationships and our ability to perform our jobs.

While there are factors in our lives that cannot be controlled, such as a trauma or major loss, there are steps that we can take to strengthen our coping skills, so that we are once more on a path that reflects our hopes, values, and visions.

Cross Cultural Counseling and Consulting, Inc., offers a variety of services to help you address your concerns and strengthen your resiliency and resolve so that you can progress toward the life you want for yourself and for others.

These services include:

  • Government Contracting Services: As government contractors, we provide executive coaching, multicultural consultation, training, and counseling services to government agencies, hospitals, businesses, universities, correctional settings, mental health agencies, and the VA. We help these agencies develop “cultural competency” skills enabling them to work more effectively with workers and clients from different cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds; socioeconomic classes; health statuses; and sexual orientations.
  • Psychotherapy for issues such as trauma, bereavement, anxiety, health concerns, job loss, poverty, relationship issues, and developmental concerns
  • Career counseling to help you decide on a career path that will maximize your work interests, values, skills, and experiences
  • Job search training to strengthen your ability to interview well based on your knowledge of your career strengths, growth areas, leadership, and teamwork skills
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment helps you understand how your personality type affects your relationships, teamwork skills, communications style, leadership, and conflict management skills
  • Multicultural counseling addresses the impact of your race, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, health status, gender, veteran status, socioeconomic class, education, mental health, and spirituality on all areas of your life
  • White Bison groups provide culturally informed holistic mental health, spiritual and substance abuse treatment that benefits both Native Americans and non-Natives
  • Cultural competency training helps individuals, agencies, professional associations, mental health agencies, educational institutions, businesses, governmental staff, and other groups strengthen their abilities to interact effectively with diverse groups of people
  • Community services for vulnerable populations focus on securing grants to develop a caring independent community in which assistance is provided to the homeless, unemployed, those reentering society after treatment or incarceration, or those who are at risk for substance abuse or incarceration

See the SERVICES and TRAINING tabs for more information on these services and programs. We look forward to discussing your goals for counseling or consulting. We believe it is an honor, privilege, and responsibility to help you work towards your goals.